How to be rich and not screw it up: the wealthy person’s guide

Published: 2024-06-26
Author: Gerda Ponzel

Money is one of the most powerful and merciless energies. With big money one meets big challenges that not everyone can withstand. Money can be acquired through hard work, come by chance, be inherited, or appear as a result of successful savings, but, for completely mysterious reasons, wealth and money affect all people differently.

In order not to fall into their insidious embrace, to remain rich and not to cry, we offer you the inspiring alphabet of an oligarch, which will occasionally remind you that you can be both rich and happy at the same time.


Bless you! You are really so rich that the number of banknotes can make you sneeze. But you are really rich! This must be recognized and you must get used to it. Now you can definitely afford everything and there is no limit to this.

You are respected. Your opinion is taken into account. You are invited to various talk shows, and your mailbox cannot cope with the flow of letters from greedy journalists who want to get your personal secret of getting rich firsthand.

Most likely you will be offered to write a book or publish your own collection of quotes.

You are rich, that’s the most important thing.

Blank check

Now you have an exorbitant amount of money or the freedom to do whatever you want, you will have to give up old habits such as:

– Come to the supermarket before the start of your work shift, sit at the checkout and release goods to people
You no longer work for a supermarket chain; most likely, you already own this chain

– Haggle over an unfairly high price

The question ‘Why so expensive?’ that worried you some time ago is recommended to be replaced without fail with the question ‘Why so cheap?’

– Make monthly purchases and participate in seasonal sales
All this dubious economy does not make the rich man look good. It doesn’t befit anyone at all

– Drive cars with doors that open towards you
Cars with convertible tops should also not be given preference. The doors of really rich people’s cars should open like a gullwing and not close at all

– Drink Starbucks coffee from your home coffee machine or buy it at the nearest coffee shop
All the rich people in the world know that the best coffee is served in Sicily, so you will have to get into the healthy habit of drinking freshly brewed coffee as you get off the plane and admire the views of the Mediterranean Sea

– Be a member of a chess club or some other club where you are not required to wear only white clothes
You should belong only to those clubs where, according to your status, you are required to wear exclusively white clothes


Say cheeeese and get ready for a prolonged euphoria. You bet! Everything impossible in this life has become possible for you. As soon as you fulfill your dreams, others immediately line up behind them and it seems that it is impossible to get used to it.

The period of euphoria is usually accompanied by a period of uplift and a feeling that you are being carried above the ground, the laws of gravity have no power over you. Remember these feelings. Now you are the law, now you are gravity.

Enjoy the moment.

Don’t worry

Don’t worry, you are rich. Become excessively generous, give gifts to your friends, even against their will, demonstrate irritation every time your interlocutors begin to complain about life.

It’s easy to part with those who have become too tedious and boring for you. If you leave such a partner a lot of money at parting, you will already make him very happy. And let’s see him try to say that you left a bad mark on his life.

Ehh, good enough

Remember that success is never blamed, which means you can and should do all sorts of stupid things. In your case, any madness will be considered a manifestation of originality, any negative hint will be regarded as justice, and any reckless act will be an example to follow.

Stop reflecting or engaging in unnecessary soul-searching; it’s better to buy a football club or a hefty stake in Microsoft Corporation.

F*ck love. I have…

Be prepared for constant interest in your life and treacherous envy. Don’t be surprised by conversations and business proposals that come out of nowhere: ‘You know, Buddy, I couldn’t do this before because there was no financial support.’ Demonstrate ease and openness to any adventures and do not forget to present tidbits of your life on various social media.

Everyone dreams of being in your place, so let them at least look at your wealth from the outside.

Get, Set, Go!

The letters A, B, C, D, E, F are behind, but the end of the alphabet is still far away.
The very moment has come when one fine day you wake up, stretch and suddenly realize that there is nothing to want. Everything you wanted is here, even in excess. Well, why, just why did you buy this photograph of three turtles at auction?

And so, you are sitting with friends in a restaurant, but you don’t feel like eating. Getting out and wandering the streets is stupid, how can you explain this to the driver?

Melancholy creeps up on you unnoticed, gradually. This state is far from satiety, it is more like bewilderment: how come that I have so few desires? Where is the promised freedom? Why am I not singing? What’s going on?

Hold your horses!

You have already learned how to make money, now it’s time to learn how to be rich.

I need Vitamin C(ash)

Learn to let go of those who cannot or do not want to communicate with the new you. You think that you have become lighter and more cheerful, that your cheerfulness invigorates everyone around you, and your gifts make your loved ones happy. Yes and no. There is nothing wrong with gifts, but you yourself have been carried away somewhere far away. A frightening distance has formed between you, and no matter how hard your friends try to bring you back to your senses and bring back the old one they knew and loved, you will not hear it across the resulting gap.

It’s not your friends who have left – it’s you who have become far from everything that was once yours. Don’t have any illusions. If one of your old friends stays with you, hold on to him with all your might. Let everyone else go. Old connections will be replaced by new ones, and not necessarily bad ones.


Learn to soberly evaluate yourself. You can’t even imagine what an avalanche of new contacts will fall on you. The new places you now visit, the new events you are invited to, the new projects you create one after another – all this leads to an endless number of new acquaintances.

At first it’s even a joy. You are welcome and interesting everywhere, you gladly respond to requests and offers to participate in something and contribute to something, but you can never say for sure what actually attracts your interlocutors to you.


Learn to soberly evaluate new acquaintances. You are now rich and there will always be people around you who will be more interested in your money than in your success. It is especially sad and even humiliating if those who seem to have long ago lost interest in you come back to the new you.

Try to peel away the husks of joint drinking sessions, parties or intimate conversations and hear the main idea that another new “friend” is trying to convey to you. You can set up a tough experiment: refuse the request of one of them, citing the fact that money is running out, and wait a couple of months.


Learn not to invest your sense of self-worth in financial investments.

Money is money, sincere desires are sincere impulses, and you are you. Listen to yourself. If you have always dreamed of having your own symphony orchestra or dreamed of planting the entire planet with cherry blossoms – think a thousand times, why are you doing this? If it’s for joy, then it’s great. If you want to feel superior, give up this idea right away.

Me: … Also me: …

Learn not to lend. If you still decide to give someone a loan, because it is not a big deal for you, internally say goodbye to this money forever. Just say: ‘It’s okay, give it back when you get rich.’ Then you will not be endlessly offended that you were deceived, and the person who borrowed money from you will not be ashamed that he cannot return it to you. And he probably won’t be able to return it, although he consoles himself with the hope that he will definitely do this.

Nobody: …

Invest correctly.

If you can afford not to change anything in your usual way of life, even despite countless riches, don’t change. Personally, with the advent of big money in your life, nothing has changed. You have got a new resource that you can freely dispose of, so create abundance in the world! Most of civilization’s wealth, in fact everything we have, was created by means of something: people, technology, productivity, hard work. Create new opportunities, create new conditions, invest in people’s future.

Our favorite color is money

Play with your own budget. If you have truly learned how to earn big money, you will not be afraid of losing it. If you know how to iron your own shirts, do without a personal chef, driver and massage therapist, you will not be afraid of losing this inspiring comfort.

You can always check how ready you are to lose everything – give up part of all the money in one fell swoop, cut your budget in half.

You will immediately see how many unnecessary expenses you make; you will immediately discover that the absence of these expenses in your life will not change much.

Plop plop

Stay the best not only in the area that brings you profit. Feel the full value regardless of the financial component.

Success is dangerous because even the smartest people begin to believe that it will always accompany them, and they may begin to make mistakes. Real rich people always assess risk and do not become arrogant.


Quality, of course, quality.

Roses are white, my money’s my might

Don’t try to share your wealth with someone. There will definitely come a period in your life when your capital will become so huge that it will become unbearably difficult to carry it alone. At this point, you may think that starting to share it would be the right decision.

Share, but always remember that not a single person will ever be able to live through your experience, not a single person will be able to realize the true value of your wealth just like you, not a single person will feel the same reverently about every dollar you earn.

Sometimes I wonder if…

Live your life.

Those with large fortunes often have to say “no” and, of course, refusal is often perceived as a manifestation of selfishness or greed. You don’t owe anyone anything. Let every fair “no” to every persistent request be the payment for your personal freedom in the future.


Stay humble! A successful person who is not humble is not successful.

Being humble does not mean sitting silently in the corner and not talking about your successes. Successful people share their experience, not to brag, but to warn against their mistakes and share successful discoveries.


There is so little real in the world of money, be yourself. In the world of the rich and famous, as a rule, everyone tries to present the best version of themselves to society, over time forgetting about their real selves, and sometimes this is really necessary.

When entering the big game called “Fat and Rich,” it is important not to forget that the more you spend resources on maintaining a “surrogate,” the more difficult it will be to find the real one inside yourself. People who can publicly fail have more power.


Learn to think twice. You have already learned to think twice when building your wealth. Even if you have never treated yourself as an example, people you don’t even know exist may treat you this way.

Before you commit another bold, but actually crazy act that journalists demand of you, think twice – for yourself and for that guy.

Weeoo Weeoo Weeoo

Take risks, try, do whatever makes you feel alive.


You’ve spent so much time trying to move forward.
Get rid of the desire to “roll back” everything now.

You got this!

Remember that first of all, you are a human.


You’ve already earned enough.
Take a little rest.

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