Finally Branded. SHE.

Published: 2023-11-13

You will no longer be the same after you read this article:

  • Because you will learn how to portray Tenderness in the Dive Art style
  • Because you will learn about the new digital space  – The Wall Global
  • And because you will learn about a new direction of contemporary art

But to do that, you need to read the text, go to the space and no longer be the same

When the endless sky fell down like the rain into the cold sea, when millions of stars started swirling in a murderous dance, when the yesterday sunset spread out hundreds of brightest pins, an incredible moment happened and SHE appeared

External layer — 

She got lost in time. A girl made of transparent bright crystal beads. 
She is the one who walks under a big umbrella on a summer evening through the narrow streets of the old town, sometimes shuffling her big shoes on wet cobblestones that look like a sponge… The one who dances on her tiptoes with abandon, looking only inside herself, listening only to the music around … The one who strokes with gentle fingers the soft feathers of birds calmly turning their heads in her palm… The one who always has enough but can always have more…The one who went the wrong route guided not by the map but by her soul.

Emotional layer — 

She occurs everywhere, at all intersections. She enthusiastically studies this world and she likes to get surprised. She has yet to learn that you can always play serious and big and absurdly cradle fictions. And then having reached the peaks realise that you have not grown up. She will read all the non-childish fairy tales, cookbooks and learn how to grow a vegetable garden. 
And She is running along the marks of life, which is nailed to the hands of the clock. And She won’t try to please you.

She is seeking for a shore in the fog. She smells of bread, cinnamon and something cozy, infinitely understandable and close to the heart. She secretly stitches up abrasions, trusts the rains and other people’s horoscopes. She knows that the careless fire that someone has called the sun must take root in her as well as in others.

Semantic layer — 

She came to make her dream true and to love those who are truly important. And she will go ahead, hiding from the wild cold and ignoring tiredness. 
She is holding the whole planet. And this is insanely not enough for Her


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