Financial dossiers on famous comic characters

Published: 2024-06-26
Author: Dina Ilinykh

What unites Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, Iron Man from the Marvel Universe, Batman and Tomb Raider, besides incredible fortitude and a tireless passion for adventure? That’s right! Their large sums in bank accounts and fabulous fortunes.

The editors of The Global Technology magazine decided to conduct their own independent investigation to find out who endowed the fictional characters with such incredible sums and to compile a comprehensive dossier on each of them, but it turned out that in the process of preparing the material we revealed amazing and fascinating stories of their destinies. Some of the characters advanced towards wealth, overcoming poverty, some turned into greedy villains, and some relied on huge sums to save the world and make it a better place.

The richest drake in the duck world takes first place in the list of the wealthiest fictional persons.

Name: Scrooge

Last name: McDuck

Aka: Moneybag, Miser or Uncle Scrooge

Famous quote: “The day I canna run gold rings around you, I’ll eat your stupid hat!”

Born: December 24, 1867. The editors of the magazine assume that this date was appointed by the Duck God, because there are no other explanations for this date.

The richest drake in the world was born into an ordinary family of Scottish drakes – farmers Fergus McDuck and Donie O’Drake in Glasgow, Scotland. Few people know that the ancestors of the McDuck clan belonged to a knightly clan, and, starting from the 9th century, with honor, valor and dignity they resolutely defended the possessions of others and their own from the attacks of evil savages. Perhaps the knightly qualities were passed on to Scrooge McDuck himself, otherwise how could he have amassed an incredibly fabulous fortune?

Mr. Scrooge got his nickname “Moneybag” because he has the largest vault of gold coins in the world. It seems that Mr. Scrooge does not really trust banks, so he prefers to keep his one multiplygillion nine obsquatumatillion six hundred twenty-three dollars sixty-two cents or 65.4 billion dollars at home, in a special vault, where from time to time he bathes in money, carefully counting every cent.

Height: Scrooge McDuck’s height from the tip of his beak to the tip of his tail is 91.4 cm, which in no way corresponds to the growth rate of his capital.

First Million: Uncle Scrooge made his first million as a prospector in the Klondike during the famous “gold rush” in 1896. He had to spend all the money he earned – ten thousand pounds sterling – to pay off the debt for the land and return the property taken from his parents. Isn’t this an indication that Scrooge McDuck is devoted to his family, values ​​the memory of his ancestors and strives to preserve it?

Source of income: Scrooge McDuck’s source of income is the ownership of a diversified holding company, the assets of which include an airline, navy, bank, oil production, industrial and food enterprises.

As the richest drake, Scrooge is also the largest taxpayer, earning him the status of an influential citizen. So influential that the President himself communicates with Scrooge on a “short leg” or “short wing”.

Hobbies: Strange as it may seem, Scrooge McDuck’s hobbies revolve not only around money and constantly increasing profits. McDuck is passionate about archaeology, piloting, exotic animal breeding, linguistics and the culture of different nations. He is fluent in Arabic, German, Dutch, Mongolian, Spanish, the language of the Mayan Indians, Bengali, Finnish and Chinese, despite the fact that he has no education, because from an early age he was forced to work in order to survive.

Traits of character: Carefully watching “DuckTales”, you will notice that Scrooge is often quick-tempered because of the stupidity of people, likes to swear in incomprehensible words, and sometimes becomes too stubborn and selfish. All these qualities are not beautiful for this real millionaire, but they make Scrooge McDuck a real Scot.

At the same time, Miser McDuck dearly loves his nephews – Huey, Louie and Dewey, who later, according to the director-animator’s plan, will be renamed Billy, Willie and Dilly. It was the nephews, who found themselves in the care of Uncle Scrooge, who returned the stingy drake’s love of life, passion for adventure and helped him understand that there is another part of life that is more valuable than any number of gold coins.

Competitor: Scrooge’s main competitor is the cunning, greedy, roguish Flintheart Glomgold – a drake in a checkered beret. Flintheart Glomgold is the second richest drake in the world after McDuck and this makes him very angry, so he uses the dirtiest methods to destroy Scrooge and take the coveted first place.

Talisman: Like any other millionaire, Scrooge McDuck has his own valuable Talisman, carefully hidden from prying eyes. This is a dime, the first coin that started his empire.

Scrooge earned it at age of ten by shining a foreigner’s shoes, but ten cents were completely worthless in Scotland. It was this fact that prompted Scrooge to go to America for wealth. Now there is a whole hunt for his talisman, because the one who takes possession of Uncle Scrooge’s cent treasure will instantly become rich.

Historical prototype: Legend has it that Carl Barks, a famous illustrator, inventing a character for his hero, was inspired by the story of American entrepreneur, millionaire and steel industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie, like Scrooge McDuck, was born into a poor family in Scotland and, in the same way, very young, moved to America in pursuit of the “American Dream.”

Both heroes were on the path to prosperity, carefully monitored every cent and were very reluctant to part with money, although, of course, they were not devoid of compassion and helped those who really needed it. Andrew Carnegie, in the twilight of his life, became a philanthropist and patron of the arts, donating significant sums to the creation of libraries, universities and other public institutions.

Age: Today, the richest drake in the world is 156 years old, but he is still cheerful, with a cane in his hands, waving his ducktail at us, you just have to turn on your favorite cartoon.

The exact opposite of Scrooge McDuck is Mr. Burns, a character from the Simpsons cartoon and a rich personification of cruelty, greed and indifference.

Name: Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber

Last name: Burns

Aka: Ol’ Burns, Fruity Batman, Lucky

Famous quote: “Release the hounds!”

Born: September 15, 1886. Although the authors of “The Simpsons” claim that the date was chosen randomly, it is still not without astrological symbolism.

Charles Montgomery Burns was born into a wealthy landowning family. He was the youngest of twelve children and left his home early, wanting to live with his rich and evil uncle. Strange choice, isn’t it? From childhood, Charles strove for wealth and power. While studying at Yale University, he joined a student fraternity consisting of future influential people who later helped him become powerful in this world.

After graduating from university, Mr. Burns began his career, gradually increasing his wealth and power. Eventually, he became the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and the amount in his account reached $1,800,037,022.

Marital status: Charles Montgomery Burns was never married, but he still had romantic interests in his life. One of these interests brought him a son, Larry Burns, whose existence he did not suspect for many years.

Height: Montgomery Burns is approximately 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall. However, his thin and stooped figure often makes him look angular and awkward.

First Million: Montgomery Burns earned his first million dollars by becoming a key employee of a company that produced oil. It was success in the oil business that became the foundation for his further financial growth.

Source of income: Montgomery Burns’ primary source of income is the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, which he owns and operates. In addition to the power plant, Mr. Burns has other sources of income, such as investments and shares, real estate assets and inheritance from wealthy relatives. All this makes him the richest and most powerful man in Springfield.

Hobbies: Montgomery Burns has a passion for evil and eccentric projects. For instance, one day he decided to block the sun over the city in which he resides. His love of collecting rare and valuable artifacts, paintings and antiques often leads him to crime, but he is also known for his love of opera and classical music.

Traits of character: Mr. Burns is incredibly greedy. His main goal in life is to increase his wealth and power, even at the expense of other people.

He is completely indifferent to the suffering of others and is ready to go over their heads if the goal is worthy of his attention. Considering himself superior and more successful, possessing wealth and status, Montgomery Burns often treats people with contempt.

He has many strange habits and interests, which makes his behavior erratic. A master of manipulation and intrigue, Mister Burns skillfully uses his power and influence to force others to do what he wants, often resorting to blackmail and deception. His sharp mind allows him to use sarcasm and caustic words to hurt those around him as much as possible.

Competitor: Montgomery Burns’ main competitor is Arturo Monti (Artie) Ziff. Artie Ziff is a successful businessman and former classmate of Marge Simpson. He often tries to surpass Burns by seizing his power and property.

Talisman: Montgomery Burns’ wealth talisman is a painting called “Canary 1”. It is it, according to Burns, that brings him luck and wealth. Burns turns to it in difficult moments, believing that it helps him maintain his fortune and succeed in business.

There is one more talisman in Mr. Burns’ life that you can’t ignore – the teddy Bobo Bear. And even if it has nothing to do with wealth, it has to do with gentleness and humanity. Bobo is an old teddy bear for whom Charles has a deep sentimental attachment. Bobo symbolizes his childhood memories and emotional attachments, which represent something much more important than power and wealth.

Historical prototype: They say that the prototype of Charles Montgomery Burns is a collective image that includes several famous personalities: Howard Hughes, a famous American businessman, film producer and aviator, who in the last years of his life became known for his eccentricity and recluse.

John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in history, the founder of Standard Oil, known for his enormous power and influence over the oil industry.

William Randolph Hearst, a media tycoon who controlled much of the American press in the early 20th century, known for his ruthless business practices.

Age: Today, Mr. Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns is 138 years old. Despite his advanced age, Montgomery Burns continues to operate the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, remain cruel to others, and manipulate the city’s residents.

Iron Man became much more noble, humane and selfless among the top richest fictional heroes. He shows how you can manage money not only for your own benefit, but also for the benefit of the whole world.

Name: Anthony Edward

Last name: Stark

Aka: Iron Man

Famous quote: “Doing things normal humans cannot do is what sets a hero apart from the rest.”

Born: Tony Stark was born on May 29th. The creators chose to hide the year of his birth, creating intrigue and thereby developing even more conversations around his person.

Anthony Edward Stark was born into a wealthy and influential family. His father is Howard Stark, a famous engineer, industrialist and owner of Stark Industries. From a young age, Tony was a genius in the fields of engineering and technology. Having inherited the business from his father, he made a significant contribution to its development, increasing billions. Today the amount in his account is $19.4 billion.

The creation of the first Iron Man suit occurred, one might say, in a “life and death” situation. The invention was unexpected and, in the end, saved not only the life of Tony Stark, but also many other people in the future. As a leading engineer and genius in the field of military technology, Tony Stark traveled to Afghanistan to demonstrate his new weapon. His convoy came under attack by a group of terrorists, and the wounded Tony was captured, where he was given a condition: build a super-powerful weapon or die. Tony decides to use his engineering skills to build a prototype of Iron Man’s first armored suit, and it saves his life. The time spent in captivity encouraged Tony Stark to improve his invention and begin to fight terrorism and evil around the world. Soon, Tony Stark became one of the founders of the Avengers team of superheroes, which are called upon to save the world from various threats.

Marital status: Anthony Edward Stark is reputed to be a bachelor. He has very difficult relationships not only with women, but with people in general. Sometimes his sense of superiority prevents him from conceding and recognizing the rights of other people and other superheroes.

Height: Tony Stark is 5 feet 9 inches (about 174 cm)

First Million: Tony Stark earned his first million through successful business deals in the field of innovative developments and technological inventions.

Source of income: Tony Stark is the heir and chief executive officer of Stark Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of military technology, as well as various goods and services in the field of engineering and technology. He earns his income from innovative inventions, personal investments, and the sale of combat suits and technology. His genius and entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to become one of the leaders in the military and technology industries.

Hobbies: Tony Stark is seriously passionate about creating new technologies and inventions. He is avidly interested in aviation and flying machines, also collects art and tries his hand at design.

Traits of character: It must be said that Tony Stark fights not only against physical enemies, but also against his own internal demons: ego, excessive self-confidence and arrogance prevent him from noticing the feelings and needs of other people, believing that he himself knows better. His own fears often push him to rash actions. At the same time, Tony Stark is an extremely responsible and courageous person; he boldly takes on difficult decisions to protect people and the world. His keen sense of humor and sarcasm defuse tense situations while maintaining optimism. In his superhero role as Iron Man, Tony displays a high level of selflessness and willingness to sacrifice himself to protect others.

Competitor: It is not surprising that a superhero as wealthy and successful as Tony Stark is being competed not only in the field of advanced technology, but also in the struggle for world domination. Hans Gruber, Tony Stark’s former partner, regularly makes attempts to destroy him by taking possession of technology. The Heart of Death Society is a group of supervillains that dream of seizing power and world domination. Justin Hammer, owner of Hammer Industries, strives to overtake Stark Industries in the development and production of new technologies. Mandarin is a villain with strong powers who seeks to take over the world and get rid of Stark. Ulfred Donkey is an industrial tycoon who competes with Tony for contracts and influence in the world of business and technology.

Talisman: Iron Man doesn’t have a talisman. Tony Stark believes that he is one of the most powerful and wealthy people in the Marvel Universe thanks to his own abilities, intelligence and innovative capabilities.

Historical prototype: The image of Anthony Edward Stark is collective. The writers and artists of the Marvel universe have been inspired by innovative geniuses and brought them to life in the form of Iron Man. Among them are Howard Hughes, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs. All of them were distinguished by their eccentricity and love of innovation. Howard Hughes, for example, was an American businessman, engineer, director and aviator. His life was full of adventure, innovation and extraordinary moments. Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are known for their innovative ideas and their impact on the technology industry. The genius and technical ability borrowed from Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison who contributed enormously to the development of technology and innovation.

Age: Iron Man is believed to be 40-50 years old. But real Superheroes will never reveal their real age.

The next place in the list of the richest characters billionaires is occupied by a hero who fights evil, hiding his merits under the cover of night and a black mask – Batman.

Name: Bruce Thomas

Last name: Wayne

Aka: Batman

Famous quote: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

Born: Bruce Wayne was born on February 19, 1906. The date February 19 is one of many that can be found. Some people say that Batman’s birth year is 1939, but in reality it is the year of the first comic book featuring Batman, in which he was already 33 years old. Therefore, it is logical to assume that he was born in 1906. Why this particular date? Unfortunately, there is no explanation for this.

Bruce Wayne was born in Gotham City, his parents – Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne – were wealthy philanthropists. When Bruce was eight years old, his parents were killed by the robber Joe Chill right in front of him. This tragedy left a deep imprint on his soul, and it also served as the basis for his decision to fight crime.

After the death of his parents, Bruce inherited a huge fortune and the Wayne Enterprises company. Obsessed with the idea of ​​fighting crime, Bruce began to travel around the world and study with the best martial arts masters. He began to diligently study criminology and detective work, striving for excellence in all aspects that could help him in the fight against evil.

Returning to Gotham, Bruce decides to put his skills and resources into action, takes on the identity of Batman and becomes a symbol of fear for criminals. Batman later founded the Justice League, a team of superheroes. This team includes Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and other characters.

Marital status: Bruce’s personal history of romantic relationships is very rich and varied, but only a few women left a significant and deep mark on his life. One of Bruce Wayne’s most famous romances is his relationship with Selina Kyle, known as Catwoman. Their relationship is complex, full of contradictions and mutual attraction. Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the League of Shadows, became the woman who gave birth to Batman’s son, Damien Wayne. Vicki Vale, a journalist and photojournalist, was also one of Bruce Wayne’s significant romantic interests.

However, fighting crime and protecting Gotham never allowed Batman to create a family and a happy relationship.

Height: Batman is 188 cm tall.

First Million: Bruce Wayne inherited his fortune after the tragic death of his parents and did everything to increase it, which he did very well. Today the amount in his account is $9.2 billion.

Source of income: Bruce Wayne’s main source of income is Wayne Enterprises, a huge international corporation operating in a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, biotechnology, medicine, finance, construction and infrastructure. This diversity helps the company be resilient to economic fluctuations. In addition, the company actively invests in research and development, creating advanced technologies that are then implemented in various products and services. This not only brings him profit, but also provides Bruce with advanced tools for his superhero activities.

Hobbies: Batman is perhaps one of the few who has such a large number of hobbies that make him truly a versatile and interesting person. Martial arts and sports including karate, judo, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and kickboxing help Bruce maintain a high level of fighting skills. In addition, he participates in various sports, including gymnastics, swimming, mountaineering and parkour, to maintain stamina, strength and flexibility. Batman is also known as one of the world’s greatest detectives. He regularly studies detective work and criminology, which helps him in solving crimes. The development of gadgets, programming and computer technology allows Bruce to improve his equipment, the Batmobile and his secret laboratory. Bruce has extensive knowledge in the sciences of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. Knowledge and constant learning of new foreign languages ​​allows him to expand his capabilities in international investigations. By practicing meditation and various relaxation techniques, Bruce maintains his mental health and copes with stress. Bruce also plays several musical instruments, including the piano, which helps him relax and take his mind off his busy life. Bruce is a philanthropist. He actively participates in charitable projects, organizes events and invests funds in the development of society and in supporting those in need.

Traits of character: Batman has incredible determination and dedication. Discipline and iron self-control help him adhere to a strict regime of training, nutrition and work, and also help him carefully prepare for any situation. Outstanding intelligence, analytical skills and attention to detail make him an excellent detective, capable of solving the most complex crimes. Batman genuinely cares about people, wanting to protect them. His desire for justice comes from a desire to prevent sufferings like those that he experienced as a child, so he will always protect the weak and innocent. Batman adheres to a strict moral code. One of his main principles is to never kill, even the most dangerous criminals, and he deeply believes in fairness and justice. Batman displays incredible courage in the fight against crime, often risking his life, never backing down in the face of the greatest danger, and always going to the end. Batman knows how to find innovative solutions in difficult situations, adapting to changing conditions, and quickly responding to new threats. Batman is willing to sacrifice his personal happiness, health, and even his life to protect Gotham and its citizens, all while operating under a mask to hide his true identity.

Enemies: Joker, Batman’s main enemy, a psychopathic clown and criminal mastermind. The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot), a nightclub owner and crime boss. Two-Face (Harvey Dent), a former district attorney turned schizophrenic criminal. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley), an eco-terrorist with plant control powers.

Talisman: Just as Batman’s life is focused not on making money, but on fighting crime, his mascot, the bat, is designed to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

As a child, Bruce Wayne developed a fear of bats when one flew into his window. This fear became the catalyst to use the image of the bat. In addition, they are nocturnal creatures, just as Batman fights crime primarily at night.

Historical prototype: Until now it was believed that Batman was a completely fictional character, but an investigation by the Suffolk Gazette revealed that the character was inspired by the true story of one Bill Smith, who in 1870 arrived from Suffolk, England, in New York, where he opened a butcher shop. By examining historical records in East Anglia and the US, the Suffolk Gazette pieced together the astonishing story of how Smith became a vigilante due to repeated attacks on his shop by thieves. In 1878, he caught and beat a thief who ran out of a store with a leg of lamb over his shoulder. Then Bill Smith received support from the judge in gratitude for his fight against crime. This inspired him to fight other thieves. It would be another four years before he would wear his famous mask on his head to resemble a bat, patrolling the area at night in search of criminals while hiding his true identity. Everyone in the area heard about this avenger, and bandits, thieves, drunkards and tramps began to stay away from him.

Age: Today, Batman’s age is 118 years old, but he is still a strong, brave crime fighter, because He is retribution. He is the night. He is Batman.

When compiling the rating and exploring the stories and destinies of wealthy characters in fictional worlds, we cannot ignore one of the richest women, known as Tomb Raider.

Name: Lara Amelia

Last name: Croft

Aka: Tomb Raider

Famous quote: “An arrow sent by you to another will fly around the globe and stab you in the back.”

Born: Lara Amelia Croft was born on February 14, 1968 in Surrey, England, in the family of British archaeologist Lord Richard Heshingley Croft, who found Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur, and his wife Amelia Croft, nee De Mornay.

Lara grew up in a world of aristocracy. She never needed anything, was always surrounded by servants, social events and high society. Until the age of 11, Lara was home-schooled, and from 11 to 16 she attended Wimbledon High School for Girls. Afterwards, the parents decided to send their daughter to one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United Kingdom – Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland, where she spent five years, from 16 to 21 years old.

At the boarding school, Lara discovered the mountains and her love for them. Later, at the age of 21, having entered the Swiss Higher School, Lara discovered extreme alpine skiing, which became her passion. This passion led Lara Croft to the Himalayas, where a plane carrying tourists crashed and only Lara managed to survive. For two weeks she traveled through mountains and forests to a small village in the mountains, and it was at that moment that Lara realized that such travels were her life. Despite the sharp turn in fate, Lara continues to live in England, in her mansion in Surrey, which she inherited many years ago, where she keeps trophies and trains: a training obstacle course was built for her on the territory of the mansion.

Marital status: Lara Croft’s lifestyle is adventure and archeology, and they, according to the tomb raider herself, are absolutely opposite to romantic relationships and marriage. Once, she was still engaged to Earl Farringdon, but as a result she chose freedom and adventure.

Height: Lara Croft’s height is 175 cm.

First Million: Lara Amelia Croft was born into a wealthy family and spent most of her life increasing it through artifacts found, research papers, and books written. The amount in Lara Croft’s account is $1.3 billion.

Source of income: In addition to inheritance, Lara Croft trades in rare and extremely valuable artifacts, which she sells to collectors or exhibits in museums for tidy sums. Don’t forget about the treasures she finds during her expeditions. And yet, Lara’s main source of income is writing guidebooks and books describing the places she has visited. Among them are “Tyrannosaurus snapping its teeth above my head” and “Bloodthirsty Yeti.”

Hobbies: Lara’s main hobby was her passion for studying ancient cultures and civilizations. She is fascinated by their history, mythology, artifacts, ancient texts and legends. In them she looks for tips and clues to the mysteries of the past. Of course Lara Croft loves extreme sports and adventure. She enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering, diving and skydiving, developing her skill to overcome difficulties during expeditions.

Her skill in shooting and using weapons helps her survive in dangerous situations, and martial arts give her the ability to defend herself from enemies and overcome physical obstacles. Lara loves to solve puzzles and riddles; her intelligence and logical thinking help her find solutions to the most difficult problems. In addition to searching for artifacts, Lara also enjoys collecting rare and unique items from around the world, and loves classical music, U2 and trance.

Traits of character: Bravery and determination help the Tomb Raider overcome difficulties and emerge victorious from the most difficult situations.

A sharp mind and deep erudition help Lara to easily solve complex puzzles and find answers to ancient mysteries. Lara Croft is independent and self-sufficient, she is used to relying on herself and her strengths in everything. Her curiosity pushes her to explore unknown places, where she finds rare artifacts. She is always determined to achieve her goals and always goes to the end. Quick adaptability helps her survive in the most extreme conditions.

Enemies: Jacqueline Natla, the immortal queen of Atlantis, seeking world domination. Amanda Evert – Lara’s former friend, became her enemy after the Paraiso incident. Trinity is a powerful and sinister organization seeking to seize control of ancient artifacts and use them for its own purposes. Werner von Croy, Lara’s mentor in her youth, who later became her enemy. Doctor Willner, who seeks to use the artifacts Lara found to his advantage.

Talisman: According to Lara Croft, it is weapons that are designed to make her adventures safe and successful.

Historical prototype: The character of the tomb raider Lara Croft is based on the lives of women archaeologists, paleontologists and explorers – Sue Hendrickson and Gerhtrude Bell.

Sue Hendrickson conducted research on sunken ships. In 1963, she began working in an amber mine in the Dominican Republic, where she discovered three beautifully preserved butterflies that were 23 million years old. And in August 1990, while exploring a rock surface in South Dakota, Sue found the largest and best preserved tyrannosaurus. Gerchtrude Bell was an English writer, archaeologist and explorer known for her research in the Middle East and her significant contributions to archaeology.

Age: Today, Lara Croft is 56 years old, but she still shines with a sharp mind, is physically strong and is passionate about adventures that make her life real.

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