The Story of One Metaverse

Published: 2024-05-29
Author: Dina Ilinykh

    ….This, if I’m not mistaken, is the four hundred seventy-sixth way I’ve found to make you happy… Yes, at one point, I documented all your statements in that vein. And counted them. So what? Initially, it seemed an incredibly interesting study to me, as I had never encountered people capable of finding happiness by sitting on a table or, let’s say, being silent for a minute and a half. It seemed like you knew some special secret of happiness, unknown to others. Then I realized you just had a quirky way of expressing yourself, but by then, I had developed a taste for it, as collectors always do. To this day, my notebook contains four hundred seventy-five entries labeled ‘Sir Max, happiness.'”

   A tale once told by Sir Shurf Lonli-Lockli
Max Frei

“…One day you’ll ask me what I dream of today, and I’ll respond with clichés because I dream of what everyone does: a world of peace, where people communicate, listen, and understand each other. And yes, I believe it’s possible.

I dream of a world without boundaries, where exploration reveals its wondrous diversity. I dream of people finding their true calling regardless of age, gender, or means. Just imagine how our perception of boundaries and ourselves would change if we climbed Everest or found ourselves in Machu Picchu, as well as any other place previously seen only on maps.”

I also dream that each person will one day find their calling, regardless of age, gender, or material means. If everyone becomes who they dream to be, we’ll forget frustration and disappointment, no longer chasing others but finding ourselves.

I dream that people seeking to broaden their horizons will one day gain the knowledge that will make their lives exactly as they wish to see them. I dream of possibilities capable of providing answers to all questions for those who tirelessly seek them, and may every curious mind find its answer and then embark on the quest again.

I dream that we, as humans, make as few fatal choices and impulsive decisions as possible, which unfortunately lead to division, discord, and conflict. But without a simulator that allows us to live through different scenarios and avoid destructive decisions, it’s impossible to predict the outcome. Imagine how much time, energy, and lives we could save if we knew some consequences in advance.

Furthermore, I dream that one day everyone who has lost something will find faith. That those who dream of walking will one day feel the strength in their legs, and those who are sick will one day experience absolute health. I dream that one day everyone will have the opportunity to become wealthy, exactly as much as they desire, by trying the life they dream of. And then to understand whether that is their true happiness.
Of course, you might say that I’m painting idealistic concepts of the world and people, and that my dreams are unlikely to come true… But don’t rush to conclusions. We live in an amazing time when many things are becoming possible. The age of high technology is capable of making almost any dream a reality, perhaps not entirely, but still.

It’s precisely high technology that has become that coveted magic wand helping us to come closer to each other, bridging thousands of kilometers to a single meeting place, aiding in making friends and like-minded individuals from different countries and continents. It’s high technology that helps us obtain virtually any education without leaving home, learn languages, culture, and art, visit museums, acquaint ourselves with the latest developments, and travel to any point on the map.

Innovations have led to the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, creating a virtual space – the metaverse, intended for experiencing experiences we might never have in the real world. The metaverse facilitates communication, acquaintanceship, and exploration of the previously inaccessible, allowing encounters and bonding with those whom meeting in the physical world would be difficult or impossible.

In the expanses of the metaverse, you can try out new professions, and then master them in the real world without wasting time on doubts – whether it’s yours or not. The metaverse allows forecasting the development of events, saving time and nerves that would be lost in the case of an unsuccessful decision, as it is much more pleasant to dedicate free time to creation rather than regrets.

In the metaverse, you can take on roles that are difficult in ordinary life. Perhaps the desire to be who you dream of will not make you happy at all, but then it is not worth spending your life matching your own expectations.

The metaverse allows us to save the most precious thing we have – time, which is meant for experiencing various experiences in each day of our lives. After all, it is capable of making any of the worlds real and tangible. Let the metaverse become a simulator that saves time and resources for realizing in the ordinary physical world what is truly important and valuable.

By keeping pace with high technologies, we are building our metaverse, which aims to showcase the multidimensionality and infinite variety of things, interests, perspectives, and technologies existing in our world. We want not only to demonstrate but also to become involved in everything that is important for each individual and for humanity as a whole.”

 The story told by a digital traveler through the restless Metaverse, which knows how to surprise

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