Clarifications, corrections and retractions

The Global Technology is committed to achieving the highest standards of accuracy and will never knowingly publish material that is inaccurate. While we may make mistakes, we will correct them.

We typically correct minor errors without special notice. If we need to clarify or correct an article, we’ll make the change to the article and add a note.

Social media

When incorrect or misleading information is published on social media, The Global Technology will correct it in a timely manner by publishing a new status or post. If it is possible to edit the original post to note the error and correct the information, this is preferred. Once the information has been corrected, the incorrect post may be deleted.


Articles that have serious errors and show proof of misleading and/or libellous content, should be considered for retraction. It is always preferable to correct an article rather than unpublish it.

This policy only applies to The Global Technology original content, including, but not limited to news, blogs and feature articles. Any corrections to licensed or third party content are the responsibility of the publisher.

If you have spotted an error, please contact us.