Non-children's fairy tales

Published: 2024-01-16

….. If I were asked to tell you about myself, I would write a short story about how sometimes it is uncomfortable to look at the city from the railing, trembling from the beating of my heart. I would write about the time, which was always short, about the clock and about how late one gets lucky at this celebration of life. I would remember how the snow was falling by the collar and how at that moment I wanted to do something serious, even if not within the framework of all humanity but memorable. I would remember all those words that were never spoken out loud, but partially flew somewhere in the air. I would remember about the unnecessary call, which actually never came again.

External layer

Crystal doors to a fairy tale. Into the inner world of a person who
composes them. Only kind ones and pure and only for others and never for yourself.
In these fairy tales the sun always shines, there are no lies or betrayal and all the characters do only good deeds. In these fairy tales, someone will definitely find love, someone will definitely find a way and someone’s sword will definitely slay the dragon. Someone’s dreams will definitely come true and everything insignificant will definitely become important. They always end well.
Therefore, the doors to the fragile crystal and fairy-tale world are respectfully guarded by the most faithful knights on the planet – dogs. Filled with grace and dignity, two beautiful greyhounds. And that is usually called a breed.

Emotional layer

An inner world of a little person writing fairy tales. Tousled red hair and a dreamy smile. Cold droplets of mint ice are running down her face and sliding along her open neck, and the girl is remembering how a star smolders and the girl wants to be it.

Probably, this red-haired awkward miracle will become happy at Balzac’s age. When the fiery strands of hair sticking out in all directions will be replaced by a practical short haircut, and under the T-shirt there will no longer be abs, but a soft belly. She will sit in the kitchen, eat croissants, wash them down with champagne, watch some simple comedy and laugh. Not like a nightingale, but loudly and in an ugly way. Naturally. But for now, here is an inner world like this, full of contradictions. Memories of first love. Books that remain unwritten. First drawings and first dedications. The first impressions of meeting the elements, the first emotions from a joyful event, the first desire to save the doomed, the first attempts to become the main heroine of her own play. And an amazing ability to be surprised by simple things.

Semantic layer

The soul of a person who draws fairy tales. A museum of ingenious products and rare things, where through small details you can see everything that inspires and will inspire you to write a fairy tale, but this time for yourself. It will have imperfectly perfect encounters and perfectly imperfect endings. Moments that happen only once in life. Different people, events, parts dear to the heart and even bread crumbs between the sofa cushions. Freedom, which they didn’t run to because of thinking about others. And there will definitely be a place where you want to return.

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