Apple Vision Pro is the perfect gadget for the apocalypse or a new way to escape from reality?

Published: 2023-11-13

We live in a fantasy, desperately trying to neglect the reality.

Everything is perfectly fine in fantasies. The sun is always shining, princesses are incredibly beautiful. Beasts are ugly but with a kind heart. And in the end, there is always some kind of force that makes the impossible nothing. Of course, there is an image of a knight in shining armour.

It’s no secret

A new outstanding gadget from Apple can become such a knight also known as augmented reality glasses Apple Vision Pro. The first gadget that has been released by a tech giant in almost 10 years. Apple presents the device as AR, i.e. augmented reality glasses, but in fact it is a full-fledged AR/VR/MR/XR device. The device also has a built-in wheel, familiar to everyone from the Apple Watch. It can help you to adjust the level of immersion in synthetic worlds.

It’s no secret

The Pro prefix in the name probably hints that Vision Pro is a gadget for the elite (or just for the rich); simpler versions will be released later. The gadget looks like a pair of goggles and weighs a little less than a kilogram. The headset switch visually transparent mode on so that others can see the user’s eyes.

It’s no secret

There are a lot of different cameras and sensors on the Vision Pro and they track the user’s hands and gestures quite perfectly, it is possible to take any device from the Apple ecosystem and deploy its screen in three-dimensional space, you can easily respond to messages, that is without removing the glasses at all.

Those who have experienced Vision Pro say that it is both a portable workplace, a cinema, and a kind of computer, because inside the glasses there is an M2 processor, which the company embeds into its powerful laptops. And it also has a spatial sound, and in terms of the picture, the new gadget beats everyone and everything. In many media interviews, the company even expressed the idea that, for example, a father can celebrate his daughter’s birthday in a helmet and shoot what is happening on the cameras embedded. However, the company did not specify whether her daughter and other family members would be wearing augmented reality glasses at this time.

It’s no secret

After the presentation of Vision Pro, the question: “why now”? remained undecided. It can be assumed that the company is playing the last mover concept again — this is when one cool device (or one cool technology) appears on a growing market and the rest gradually survive. Apple has already gone through all this with an iPhone.

It’s no secret

The case of the first iPhone is happening now: there are plenty of good VR helmets around that rely on proven application stores (Oculus and SteamVR are the undisputed leaders here), but Vision Pro is technologically capable of outstripping competitors, which Apple announced at the annual conference for developers.

It’s no secret

Over time the technological chain of the production of the gadget (and Apple claims about 5,000 new patents) will be simplified, components will become cheaper, the next versions of the device will begin to fall in price and grow in performance.

It’s no secret

Apple engineers maintain the reputation. For the sake of compact size, they messed up everything that could be messed up.

It’s no secret

Apple knows perfectly well that people live in fantasies, desperately trying to neglect the reality. And now is exactly the moment when the whole world is dying to escape from the truth. And we need a new reality. Or a new knight.

It’s no secret

Pink glasses always beat the glass inside.


Level of innovation:
Cute but nothing new

We shrug our shoulders.

There are some disadvantages.

Cost for the consumer:
The cost of Apple gadgets is equal to the cost of Apple gadgets for consumers

As Tim Cook would say:
“Rumors about new devices have not been confirmed, but we will continue to spread rumors about the following devices in the name of your likes.”

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