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A popular science magazine telling about all the technologies that help you survive.


The magazine has been created in support of the world project The Wall Global and tells about all global technologies for creating a future that honours and elevates the best of what a person is capable of. We are dedicated to our readers: scientists, researchers, engineers, tech enthusiasts, academics and lifelong learners alike. With a highly educated and sophisticated readership, The Global Technology stories go beyond mere catchy jargon. Our job is to discover compelling research, delve into the details, and deliver readers their monthly dose of news.


The Global Technology was founded in August 2023 by Gerda Ponzel and Ilya Svirin seeking to fill the void in hard science news designed for informed readers. 

Key points

All news stories are hand-processed and curated by qualified editors, obviating the problems of feed or bot aggregation. This ensures that high-quality, targeted sci-tech news stories are published on The Global Technology.

The Global Technology editorial board operates in the public interest and is independent in relation to political, religious, economic, public and private special interests. The Global Technology receives no funding from any third-party agency or organization, and is fully supported by The Wall Global Project, which is distinctly marked. 

The Global Technology utilizes advanced programming technology to present news in clear and unambiguous classifications to create intuitive category and sub-category designations. Readers are able to identify news topics easily.

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