Justice of the quantum world

Published: 2024-04-29
Author: Dmitrij Nechaevskij

“There is no justice anywhere” – each of us has uttered this phrase at least once in this life.

To achieve justice in the world, someone began to believe in Angels and Demons, someone began to frantically study astrology, someone desperately relied on chance, someone threw up their hands in defeat and said: “fate.”

But there were also those who crossed the border to live in the future, in the quantum world. This world is still full of mysteries and unusual, but it is precisely the world that creates incredible opportunities for a life full of joy and discoveries. And most importantly, the quantum world is absolutely fair both to scientific turns and to all manifestations of the human soul. Don’t believe those who say that quantum physics is impossible to understand. It is absolutely easy to understand, you come across it every day.

33 quantum physicists will not be able to open one bottle of whiskey at the same time, but they will easily and happily reveal to you 333 paradoxes of quantum reality.

As soon as you put one sock on your left foot, the second one instantly becomes your right one. This is quantum connectivity. The distance between the socks does not matter. It doesn’t matter whether the second sock is in another room or on the other side of the earth, its status is determined immediately and automatically.

Let one hemisphere of the brain think that light is a particle, while the other hemisphere thinks that light is a wave. When the thoughts of the hemispheres unite, inveterate psychiatrists say that we are one step away from a mental personality disorder, and nice physicists say that the perception of wave-particle dualism by consciousness is absolutely safe.

A woman is always in a state of quantum superposition – she never knows what she will say now and at what moment she will instantly change her opinion to the completely opposite.

Information about a change in status is transmitted between particles at different ends of the Universe faster than the speed of light, which, according to Einstein, is impossible. But this is exactly how the female collective unconscious works. Only I shared a secret with one woman, the entire community of ladies already knows all the details, but swears to sacredly keep them and not reveal them to anyone.

The observer effect. Simply observing a phenomenon inevitably changes it. 96% of people pick their noses when no one is looking. But as soon as they notice an observer within sight, this percentage tends to zero.

Quantum supremacy is a photonic or quantum computer that is greatly enhanced compared to classical ones. The evolutionary difference between them will be the same as between a man and a monkey. A computer of the future will perform in 100 seconds the same amount of calculations that a “modern” computer will take 5,000 years to complete. And the second problem of the classical machine is that it is not flexible, it does not create new algorithms and scenarios when the situation changes.

Chimpanzee for sale for $2,000. Buyer asks:

– Isn’t it too expensive?

– He knows where the treasure is hidden.

– It can’t be…

– Ask yourself.

Asks the monkey:

– Do you know where the treasure is buried?

– Yes.

He bought it, brought it home, sat on the table, and revealed the map:

– Here?

– Yes.

He went for treasure, took the monkey with him and reached all the way to the Arctic.

– Should I dig here?

– Yes.

He dug up the snowdrift and began to dig a hole.

– Deeper?

– Yes.

– Even deeper?

– Yes.

– Are you deceiving me?

– Yes.

– Maybe I’ll leave you here?

-Yes. (Pitifully) or maybe you won’t do it?

Even human humor has a quantum character. The comic effect is based on multiple meanings of words or situations. A person finds it funny when a habitual pattern breaks. A feeling of surprise arises when we see that the incompatible is combined and laughter is heard when we simultaneously understand all the possible meanings of what was said or seen.

When Archimedes climbed into the bath, he did not know that Eureka was already there.

The old “lamp” world is similar to the Nazis from the joke, in which the first has only one answer and the only correct opinion – his own. He will smash the wall with his head, but will insist on the chosen option. The second has no own position and easily bends to external circumstances in order to survive. While quantum reality requires flexibility of thinking, offering new solutions to take into account the constant variability of the world.

The head of the Gestapo, Müller, decides to test his subordinates for character. First one enters.

-Call any two-digit number.

– 83.

– Why not 38?

– I insist that 83.

– Okay, you can go.

He writes down: “Reserved, nordic character.” The next one comes in:

-Call any two-digit number.

– 14.

– Why not 41?

– Okay, let it be 41.

– Free.

He writes: “The character is not nordic, succumbs to pressure.” The third one enters. Muller reads the document and asks the question without looking at the entering person. Hears the answer:

– 55.

– Why not…What!?… Ahh, it’s you, Schellenberg.

The 20th century saw the first quantum revolution: lasers, particle accelerators, MRI and all semiconductor electronics in general – from transistors and LEDs to computers, mobile communications and the Internet. All these technologies and devices are based on the control of quantum systems at the level of individual atoms, particle flows and fields. The world will never be the same. It’s like moving from a quiet, peaceful village straight to the capital of the state.

We have lost calm and regularity, a sense of security and privacy, because modern technologies have not just become a part of our lives, they determine how we will live, look, work and have fun, they have taken our personal time, combined work and leisure.

But in return, for the first time we got a chance to get rid of hunger, cold and be cured of most diseases. We have gained unlimited access to information; it has become possible to create new technologies in a matter of years, while previously it took many decades. We communicate with each other instantly, regardless of distances, and we can fly around the entire planet during one day.

Now we are on the threshold of the second quantum revolution, and this is like going straight from a house in a village into outer space. We are waiting for the revelation of the secrets of teleportation and quantum communication -instant transmission of information encrypted in the quantum states of elementary particles. Quantum communications will completely eliminate all the imperfections of mobile communications, quantum computers in a matter of minutes will complete scientific and practical tasks that have not been solved for centuries – and this will greatly speed up the introduction of new technologies, the discovery of new drugs, the creation of air cars and full-fledged spaceships.

Finally, lucid dreaming will become a reality. Our quantum consciousness in a dream will be able to simultaneously get enough sleep and stay awake – study and work without damage to health and psyche. We will be able to use our own biological neural network 100% completely and not be afraid that artificial intelligence will leave us far behind, become aware of itself, rise up and turn humanity into its slave.

Quantum technology is the golden key that opens any door. We will build space farms and mine helium-3 on the Moon. A complete cure for cancer and hereditary diseases, and, if not immortality, then the longevity we dreamed of awaits us.

So what is the validity of the new quantum world? Only your own consciousness determines what kind of world is around you and how you live in it. You are fully responsible for the results and consequences. You need to be prepared for this. Therefore, draw an additional lane for elementary particles on the road of life, bring justice into your life based on the principles of the quantum world and be like a proton – always stay positive.

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