How to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Published: 2024-04-29
Author: Dmitrij Nechaevskij

Admit it, who hasn’t dreamed at least once of increasing their own efficiency? To do more, jump higher, see farther, and handle things faster. Yes, and in general, to become better than the one who succeeds at everything.

Scientists and ordinary people have proposed various solutions to improve efficiency. Some claimed that saving humanity is humanity’s own responsibility. Others suggested turning to science.

Digitizing consciousness, restoring resource states, neuroplasticity, cloning, DNA integration into the body, biohacking—all of these should help significantly increase human efficiency.

Which of these methods will guarantee that you become the best version of yourself? You can find out by reading practical life and elegant technical solutions.

It seems like there isn’t a single person left on the planet who doesn’t know how to increase their efficiency. But if you currently have a need to work steadily, work in order, work well, you can pay attention to the following life aspects:

Identify problem areas of the body, adjust your diet, choose sports activities and physical exertion according to your body’s needs. Accomplish tasks:
Once a year, spend a day and undergo a check-up: a comprehensive examination of the body in a professional clinic.
In accordance with recommendations from a therapist, physiologist, and nutritionist, gradually change your lifestyle—reduce consumption of harmful foods that lead to chronic cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems, gradually decrease and eliminate alcohol and tobacco consumption, replacing them with new habits that help combat stress.
Dedicate no less than 1 hour a day to fitness, include necessary dietary supplements considering new exertions.
Maximize inner peace and feelings of happiness, satisfaction with life:
Abandon an unregulated workday, live in harmony with your biological rhythms;
Find time for self-improvement. Ultimately, if you’re not satisfied with your job, consider a complete career change and change of field;
Psychotherapy and self-therapy—work through your psychological traumas, reduce the level of your psychological complexes;
If your environment prevents you from enjoying life, it means it should be changed, or make them accept and acknowledge the new personality you’ve become.
Get rid of anything that makes you unhappy and only do what brings you pleasure.

Scientists as early as the 19th century first pondered the idea that a person could simply be reproduced using the cloning procedure. It seemed that the efficiency problem would be solved on its own if you had 5-10 copies of yourself at hand. You would definitely be able to accomplish everything and be in different places simultaneously. You could also delegate all the boring and uninteresting tasks to your clones: “Forget the chores, stop running, the clones work, not the person.”
However, scientists encountered the fact that during cloning, a body is created, which still leaves room for the personality. Rewriting a person’s consciousness into a clone’s body means killing one personality for another. Unfortunately, in matters of integrating one personality into another’s body through destruction, science is harsh, and for civilized society, this is unacceptable. The “clone efficiency” dilemma is simultaneously attractive and anecdotal, but only until it’s realized. Because with increased efficiency, other consequences can occur, such as incredible collisions of property disputes between originals and clones or slave trading of clones 3.0.

Based on these consequences, cloning must definitely be conducted under the control of society and science.

So, how to solve the task of increasing one’s efficiency?

Scientists from Spain found the answer. They created the first quantum life. Using a quantum computer, units of quantum life were encoded for development, reproduction, mutations. It is already evident that this method for improving the quality and longevity of life will work, but it’s only the beginning. In fact, the success and development of this experiment lead not only to the reproduction of the genetic code and external appearance of a person but also to their control. The experiment was conducted more than once, yielding stable results.

As sacrilegious as it may sound, physicists have brought us to the moment of “god mode,” where we’ll be able to create a personality, shaping the basis for intellect, character, behavior. By choice, one can create a coward or a brave person, a Leonardo genius or a charismatic Jesus, a leader guiding humanity into the future.

Science inevitably brings us closer to immortality, but it needs a little help—holding on for the next 30-50 years while maximizing health, mind, and readiness to fight for our future.

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