Diveart. Eyes are blind. You need to search with your heart.

Published: 2024-04-29
Author: Gerda Ponzel

When an author creates his work, he dreams of being heard.
When a viewer evaluates the author’s work, he hopes that the author, this time, will accurately guess the mood. The viewer does not know why the author creates, the author does not know what the viewer wants.

The author needs the opportunity to talk so that it does not burst through exosmosis and does not come out through pores. And it is not always easy for the viewer to understand what is hidden in thoughts with due modesty.

What if we imagine that a world that can connect the impulses of the author and let the viewer inside the creative forge already exists?

External layer

Beautiful. Perfect angle shapes reflecting the perfection of symmetry. Something that will either make you stop or make you pass by. What you would like to keep and what you would like to share.

Something that you can endlessly hum, play and put on repeat. Something that can be rewritten or re-shot. First impression.
First value judgement. First desire to see more than your eyes allow. First desire to get closer, to read between the capital letters and spaces. First desire to see what no one can see.


Emotional layer

‘…I remember the first time I picked up a camera. I started taking pictures of my cat, a beautiful fat cat with bread crumbs on its cheeks. I always wanted the cat to show me emotions. Holding the camera at the ready, I watched for the cat everywhere and constantly demanded: “More emotions. More emotions!”

But the cat lived its usual orderly life. It didn’t think at all about photogenicity and successful angles. And It didn’t give me any emotions. Either from a lack of brains, or on principle.

It didn’t give a damn about all sorts of little things and about my desire for the Pulitzer Prize at any cost. It just loved eating, sleeping and being petted periodically.’

‘…When I first took up design, I was immediately assigned to draw logos. Actually, it was for the sake of logos that I came into design. I drew millions of thousands of them, successful and not successful enough, before I realized that in fact the “small soulless symbol” is mute.

It doesn’t convey you. Too understanding, too naive. It does not convey your lives, it does not convey your emotions, it does not convey the entire journey of your doubts and your gratitude.

The small soulless symbol does not convey us, exhausted by scaling, road maps and road veins, broken by competitors, torn by the race for profit. Ready to credit you with everything! Not only our wasted time, but also all the bottles we finished at corporate events.

Well, the “small soulless symbol” cannot show that you wear our backpacks and sneakers, and we wear years of our lives! It is impossible to assemble a puzzle of things that are significant for everyone in one tiny symbol.

And do you know what happened next? It was we who taught you to devalue meaningful words and meaningful feelings into small soulless symbols and who forgot how to talk. And we pay for this by the fact that no one will ever know what is hidden behind the hearts and fires in the messages.’

‘…When I first picked up a brush, I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to write about everything! About myself, about you, so real and happy.

I wanted to tell you how scary it is to stand at the top of some tower when you are already on the edge between the sky and the foam. I wanted to talk to you about dinners at any time of the day, about songs dedicated only to strings… About hopes broken in glasses… About women without faces and names…

I picked up the brush again and again and each time I realized that you would never see how much I wanted to tell you. How much I want to give you! And how many reasons do I have every time for “no” when it is a “yes”. And how random but powerful flashes can be spoiled by just one nuance!

And how I try to look at everything that I do through your eyes and understand that everything is bad and not the way it should be. Or I understand that everything is fine, but not the way it should be.

And how I, in my desire to avoid mistakes, want to do everything right. Is it really possible to do everything right for everyone?

Not everyone can understand. Not everyone can hear. Not everyone can bear it.

And I don’t know how to shorten this small distance between us, due to the ability to evaluate things only at the first approximation! I share my cosmos with you! But sometimes it’s like screaming through ribs with a tightly closed mouth.’


Semantic layer

People need people. And new opportunities. Pleasant breaks and inspiration. People need freedom, some need monetization, some need control over something. People want to share. People want to be heard. Trust and be trusted. For some it is important to express themselves, for others it is important to see the person behind their achievements. People need to communicate, people need to know the truth, people need to evolve and have idols. People need ideas. People care about protection, care and safety. People want to be noticed. Someone needs to find a name, and someone wants someone else’s name to never be forgotten. People need a space where they can love people and themselves at the same time.

A painting is just a painting if no one feels it. A product is just a product if it doesn’t change anything. Words are just words if no one hears them. A symbol is simply a symbol of ones and zeroes.

But when it’s the other way around, it makes sense.

Every truth is just one facet of an exciting reality. Sometimes it is worth coming closer to take a closer look at the details of the picture.

And, imagine, such a world already exists.


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