How to Win the Heart of Your Dream Partner

Published: 2024-03-29
Author: Gerda Ponzel

The task of meeting “the one” is a perpetual one for both genders. This is precisely the goal Ross Jeffries set for himself and described in his book. How can technology tame the impulses of our hearts, our deepest desires, and processes? It turns out, it’s quite simple! Here are two traditional ways to solve the problem.

So, how can you guarantee to appeal to your dream partner?

Read Ross Jeffries’ thematic book on communicating with the object of your dreams. Essentially, this book is an instruction manual for unlocking the hearts of individuals of the opposite sex, not only women but also men. If you lack the motivation to read it, here are some tips:

– Develop your communication skills. People mainly communicate through verbal communication – words. Consequently, a person who is proficient in their language will find common topics and interesting conversation directions with any counterpart. You will still need to spend some time developing your oratorical skills before you can even come close to Winston Churchill’s level of communication. Moreover, you can get carried away and move from soulful conversation to agitation speeches akin to liberal movements.

– Plan your communication in such a way that it progresses as quickly as possible. Take steps towards your interlocutor, try not to linger at the acquaintance stage, move on to friendly relationships, and then to partnership. To do this, you will need to think ahead not only about conversation plan, but also the possible paths your interlocutor may want to take. Improve your planning skills instead of watching TV series. Planning will also require mastering graph theory – a separate branch of mathematics, thanks to which Google Maps learned to plot the fastest routes, for example.

– Enjoy not only successful cases but also the process of communication itself. No one will enjoy having heartfelt conversations with an uninterested interlocutor because there is no feedback from them. So, you’ll need to work on your concentration, practice: try to focus on the second hand of a clock for 30 seconds. Don’t get distracted, don’t think about anything else, if you do get distracted – start over. When it becomes easy, extend the time interval to a minute, then focus on it for 5 minutes, then for 15 minutes. With such simple exercises, you can train your brain. However, there is a catch – while you’re training your concentration, the girl of your dreams may find a suitable partner, and you’ll be left out. Moreover, excessive focus on the conversation and the interlocutor may seem rude or even bordering on harassment.

– And the last piece of advice from the traditional list – don’t waste time. If you haven’t been able to move your interlocutor into a partnership after the first 2 dates, there’s no point in wasting more time because most likely, the interlocutor isn’t very interested in further communication. Such a “sieving” method can also dismiss even the most suitable people who had their own valid reasons not to engage in close contact with you.

The technological solution is based on freely reading the thoughts of the liked object and even controlling them.

As of today, numerous developments are underway in the field of creating neurointerfaces – devices that connect the brain and computer. Developments are taking place at completely different levels: from high-profile names of global scale, such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink, to local ones that are almost unknown. It is well known that our brain consists of a set of synaptic connections, thanks to which information can be stored and processed. Synaptic connections form “trails” for electrical signals, or, if you will, thin wires through which microscale electrical currents flow when the brain is engaged in some activity. Modern technologies have already reached such a level of development that registering the tiniest details of the operation of complex systems, such as the brain, has become possible.

Of course, our understanding of how the brain works remains heuristic, for example: “We see that the frontal lobe of the brain is active, which means that the subject is solving spatial object placement tasks,” but there is no talk of specific thoughts. Nevertheless, we have the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the present and envision the near future. Judging by the pace of research, in the near future, we will not only be able to control computers with the power of thought but also discover new ways of communication between ourselves. It is quite possible that major manufacturing companies will collect data on users, and cunning spy hackers will trade accesses to thoughts.

So, all you need to do is buy a billion-dollar database and then find the most suitable people who will like you. Or:

– Learn the subject matter! Become a neuro-technologist and try to make a scientific breakthrough or a significant contribution to the study of brain activity and methods of registering it with neurointerfaces.

– Influence neurotechnology providers to collect data on users’ thoughts in the background, especially their opinions about you.

– Purchase one or more databases from your desired region to select the most loyal representatives of the opposite sex.

– Replace thoughts not about you with thoughts about you in the mind of your dream object. 

– And then take a little break. It seems like enough technology for today.

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