In the modern world, it is not the strongest who survives. In the modern world, the most adaptive survives

Published: 2024-02-26

CEO V – of the Academy studying the issues of investing and the impact of cryptocurrencies on people

– Hello, Vital. We won’t try to be original and we’ll immediately ask you, why crypto?
– Because crypto is art
– Even in the context of crypto wallets and investing?
– Yes
– We would like you to clarify this point
– Everything in this life has its light and dark sides. Any situation, any action, any technology. But probably that is best demonstrated in crypto. Look at the reaction of people all over the world to cryptocurrencies – some love it, others, for some reason, treat it coldly, but there are no halftones in this regard at all. And a little bit later I will prove this to you.

It’s very similar to art. If it’s art, it’s not for everyone. If it is for everyone, then it is no longer art.

– Please reveal to us the bright side of this art
– Once upon a time there lived a man who had to go to school, dream about ice cream and fight with something or against something. And then the day comes when you can officially go to school if you wish or not go at all. Moreover, there is no need to fight with anything and there is always ice cream on the table. That’s it, it’s come true.

– If everything is so, does crypto art really need people to train in it and even create entire Academies?

– Well, look, we were all born at a time when commodity exchange was a thing of the distant past. When we grew up a little and became more aware, for the first time we wanted to go to the store ourselves and make our first purchase there. At that moment, some were given paper money by their parents, while others, who were born a little later, were given a plastic card. There was nothing unusual about it.
The average citizen of this world hardly thinks that the structure of banks could be better, that plastic cards could include other functions, and there is nothing unusual about it either.

And then something unusual, something completely new appears. I would even say – something ambiguous.
There appears a new method of public-private key encryption.
There appears decentralization.
There appears a new form of management without hierarchy at all.
There appear new opportunities for storage, investment and self-expression.
In other words, there appears some choice where there was none.

And here a paradox arises.
Paradox number 1 – what to choose from?
Paradox number 2 – how to choose?

And then, it’s no longer surprising anyone to have a car, but in order to drive it, you’ll have to take courses and prove your ability to drive. It is likewise in matters of cryptocurrencies.

– So, do we understand correctly that the bright side of cryptocurrencies is a choice, and the dark side is that we have not yet fully evolved for this choice?

– Absolutely right.
Remember I gave you the example with school and ice cream?
When it’s already happened, what you really wanted, what you called for, what you dreamed and thought about… do you know what will happen next? You’ll get scared.

– Based on your vivid metaphors, we can conclude that all cryptocurrency came to people with one and only bright purpose. Future, choice, fulfillment of desires. How has it happened that the attitude is still ambiguous and someone stubbornly remains only on the dark side?

– I see many reasons for that. But the main one is a marketing miscalculation.
NFT is for money. Crypto wallets are for money. Investing is for money. This is what people have been hearing for some time. And now we roll back to the beginning and start to explain.

– Vital, give us the technology to finally switch to the bright side of cryptocurrencies.

– Recognize that the future has already arrived. Recognize it not on the square, not on the Internet, but within yourself. Like it or not, cryptography and everything it gives us already exists. Explore your possibilities and explore the possibilities of cryptocurrencies.
After all, in modern life it is not the strongest who survive. The most adaptive survives.

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