Problem about algorithms and how to start wanting to want again

Published: 2024-01-16

According to the task terms, you:

  • Must get a college degree
  • Must earn much money
  • Must get married and have children before a certain age
  • Must have a prestigious and important work
  • Must change your character and attitude to life
  • Must develop a personal brand
  • Must read books or a certain number of books per year
  • Must keep your house perfectly clean
  • Must restrain any aggression

If you really need to stop doing the must-do things, we have two solutions for you.

You must follow you must-do system because:

A diploma will help you to choose any job.

Doing prestigious and important work will characterize you as a person with a prestigious and important position.

The creation of a personal brand will affect your personal economy and you will be noticed, like Elon Musk or other stars.

All books on leadership and personal development advise you to develop the leader’s skills, so you just need to change your character.

A certain income level measured in cash dollars is also an important characteristic, there’s nothing you can do about it.

In general, you must do these things, that’s the truth of our life. It doesn’t matter how you will solve all these problems.

Since technology is different too, we publish an unusual answer that is closely related to algorithms, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the moment:

1. Next time use your willpower to think critically about each “must”, using the unquestioned “sure, but”.

A diploma increases your freedom of choosing a job – sure but it does not guarantee employment.

Having important and prestigious work, together with a brand-new smartphone, makes you look like an important and prestigious person – sure, but it has nothing to do with reputation.

All the books on leadership and personal development advise flying, even if you were born to crawl – ok, but then who will keep track of what is happening on earth?

A certain income level is also an important characteristic, and there is nothing you can do about it – sure, but no one knows the background of a particular success story for a famous blogger with a new apple device.

2. Change ” must” to “I would like to and so”.
I would like to have more freedom in choosing jobs and so it is useful for me to get a degree, but I realize that this does not guarantee employment.

I would like to be a person rather than to appear a person and so I choose to develop my personal brand and products, but I realize that this idea may not work, in spite of my motivation.

I would like to do self-development and so I want to read all these books by modern authors and watch all these news, including fake ones, to listen to all this music, to watch all these TV shows, but I realize that everyone’s self-development is different in our world.

I wouldn’t like to take allergy medicine and so I will keep my house clean and green, but I realize that allergies aren’t just for dust.

I wish I could afford to measure my living standard by something other than money, and so it’s good for me to strive for that level rather than that money, but that doesn’t mean I won’t want something different someday

3. We need to break it down into logical algorithms.
If I don’t understand now how a personal brand will affect my personal economy, reputation and future, and it is expensive to develop it – its development is not particularly useful to me. It can even create the wall between me and my customers.

If I want to be the best speaker in my company and I realize that reading this book will not make me one – it is more useful for me to put this book aside and do something else, for example, to install a useful app by downloading a QR code or to visit an interesting web site.

If the sum of my needs and savings rate is equal to X and I don’t see the point in changing it significantly, it is useless for me to make an extra effort to earn 3X.
4. And now it’s time to relax a little. Enough algorithms for today.

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