Problem of conquering the world

Published: 2024-01-16

As Georg Klaus said, whoever owns the word, owns the world. There are many ways to take over the world, for example, to buy or develop large territories, however, it does not lead to good results. There is another way, you can try adding +100500 to your charisma for mastering people’s minds.
Content creators on the Internet know that the use of English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Hindi and other languages reaches more than 80% of the audience. Thus, learning foreign languages is becoming one of the most effective ways to expand its influence on the people’s minds all over our planet.
According to the tradition of the magazine, we have two alternatives: traditional approach and innovative solutions with modern technologies. Which one will you choose?

You can
teach your potential audience from other countries your native language via smartphone if you love to teach. You will be able to change the size of your audience, but the number of viewers will only increase by a few hundred people and you will not be able to make videos, because you will become a very popular and busy teacher before you know it.

You can learn a foreign language via a new apple device. However, the life has changed a lot at the moment. It will take from one to 5-10 years and you will master two or three more languages perfectly, so you will be able to translate all your plans of conquering the world. You can listen to foreign music, install the products by different authors on your PC. But you will have to spend a rather big amount of money, you will have a lot of expenses: for tutors, educational literature and cleaning services. You’ll spend many dollars in cash while acting in this system. You just won’t have time for household chores, and the sweat from learning new unfamiliar words will flow in streams. So, this idea doesn’t always work well. You may even lose your motivation. It’s just the truth of people’s life all over the world.

You can hire a translator from the company and give a voice to something that millions will flock to. You will certainly achieve your aim, you will get a professional and relatively quick solution, the audiences in other countries will be able to watch your videos or read your texts as fluently as those who speak your native language. This approach will help you to solve the problem. But there are disadvantages too: translators are another link in the chain of conquering the world. This means that the “content production” timeframe will increase significantly, which will lead to fewer sponsorship offers and increased cleaning costs, because you’ll be sweating for a different reason. 

Do not
put any effort into learning the language. Don’t give money to translators. And don’t overpay cleaning services.
Train the neural networks to track the context over time in the language you speak best. Sure, it will be difficult to cope without any help, so offer the neural network to take in hundreds of clips with the recordings of different languages’ speakers, so that it can accurately recreate facial expressions and select the correct speech turns for the most accurate translation. But such creation is also quite a labor-intensive process because a neural network will have both to learn the language and to learn reading every movement of the lips and tongue. After all, the world must be conquered not only by clear words or fake news, but also by charm.

That’s probably how the developers of MerlinClone, a neural network that can give a new voice and a new language to any video, thought.
As the creators say on their website, their green and sustainable product creates such realistic videos that 8 out of 10 native speakers don’t realize that the text, voiceovers and facial movements belong to a person who has never spoken the chosen language before. And they admit that MerlinClone has pleasant side effects: when the level of charisma and charm exceeds the “divine level” mark, success with the opposite sex is assured to you. After all, it is not without reason that they used the name of King Arthur’s mentor in the very name. He knew exactly how to conquer the audience by his charisma and charm.

However, all these charms of conquering the world through language still exist only on the Internet. To get all these effects in real life, you’ll have to find somewhere the real original Merlin, the one who was the friend of King Arthur.

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