The real lesson of The Truman Show. The story about technology that turns people to puppets and technology that turns puppets to people.

Published: 2023-11-13


Scene One

It’s the middle of the night.  The clock-face told the hour of two. You’re in your bed, cursing another bout of insomnia. You grope for the TV on button on the remote control (obviously, it’s not the case to count sheep!). A video from a surveillance camera is being played with might and main on one of the channels, in which someone similar to you is robbing a gas station. The film is of such disgusting quality that it’s impossible to reliably determine the faces of the participants in the robbery. However, someone like you is being put on the wanted list. From now on you will not fall asleep.

The next shot

You go to the subway, scroll through the news, switch to the most truthful channel, where the presenter with a smug face claims that the Prosecutor General of your country spends time in the company of children from Africa. Or rather, not even like that – “a man who looks like a prosecutor general.” Immediately, a well-known lawyer is urgently hooked up, screaming with foam at the mouth about the lack of morality and demanding the immediate resignation of the adulterer. Well, Trump, by tradition, gets into another political scandal. They already talk about it on another truthful channel.

The next shot

To distract yourself, you open a video kindly sent by relatives, where the same Jim Carrey congratulates them on Christmas and asks to borrow him some money. Then a blogger conducts a review on the new Nike, which the Nike company did not release, and Elon Musk implants chips in cattle. News aggregators pick up, journalists scribble with their fingers on keyboards. Infoglut. Play upon everyone’s heart strings.

The next shot

There is an artificial information dome hanging over and leading you to certain thoughts. Clever directors pull the strings and place scenarios tinted in Photoshop surreptitiously. There are so many of these scenarios that it seems as if the whole world consists only of fakery and even you are already “fake”. Fakery.

«Director’s remark: Get into the character back!»

The hero of the Truman Show had to look for loopholes to escape from the director who turned him into a living toy. However, in 1998, when the film was released, there still wasn’t… a lot things.

«Director’s remark: He is still in no suspicion!!!»

Or the “Clapperboard” technology. It allows to generate special QR-codes that save all information about videos and comments of their authors. And you can shoot a video with any camera – as long as the QR-code gets into the shot. When analyzing the recording by the program, the information is “unpacked” from the QR-code. Of course, there is also acredibility verification.

«Director’s remark: In that world lies are the same, Truman»

Even if Truman Burbank starts to analyze his life, his first assistant is the technology “Antifake” with the function of intelligent analysis. The source of the video can be anything at all, even from the capital of Honduras.

Specially designed modules accurately identify a fake, give a signal – and it becomes clear whether old Biden said what international rumor ascribes to him for the third day. Everything is simple.

It’s good if Prover becomes an integral part of our devices. And our way of life. You buy yourself a smartphone and install “Prover” with the most necessary software. In order, so to speak, to ensure information hygiene.

Otherwise, all of us are going to drown together in these streams of fakery, choke in the silicone of dirty “fakes” … And?

What remains from us?

«Director’s remark: STOP! CUT!»

Nordavind Company

Level of innovation:

Indisputable. You can also add a calm sleep at night

Cost for the consumer:
Less than a dollar

As Jake Green would say:
“In any game there is an opponent and there is a victim. The whole trick is to realize at the proper time that you have become the second, and become the first”

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