The problem about being late with elements of improvisation

Published: 2023-11-13

To solve this problem, Simon needed 100 smartphones and a regular cart. Google failed to solve this problem. Let’s see whether you can find a solution

In accordance with the problem definition you have at your disposal:

Simon, an IT technician in a large company, who is godlessly late to the office on his first working day
His boss who in 5 minutes will sign an order for his dismissal
And the complete absence of traffic jams on the roads

To improvise 
To improvise and improvise once more
It’s possible to refer to crying children, an unsuccessful satellite launch to the moon or an entertaining dialogue with fictional friends. 
It’s possible to go online, open your favorite browser and ask how to justify the fact that you are late with less losses. 
It’s possible to call your friends and ask for help to get out of this situation. 
In extreme cases, it’s possible to take the lead and call the boss, promising that it’s the first and only time you are late

Remember everything you know about navigation systems in phones and improvise. Improvise and improvise once more

For example, without any casualties or traffic accidents, create a situation that the navigator considers as a traffic jam on the road and will transmit a signal about it, including to your Boss

Today, the GPS module is equipped with both expensive functional devices and popular cheap smartphones. This means that every phone turns into a full-fledged navigator

And it is we who transmit traffic data via GPS modules in smartphones often without even knowing about it

In other words, the GPS navigator takes traffic data exclusively from a mobile device

Aware of that, Simon from the problem definition took 99 phones, turned on the navigator mode in each of them and put them in a cart. Then he took it for a ride down the street. Google Maps decided that there was a traffic jam and painted the road red. As a result: not a single driver dared to make a route along the street where the guy with the cart was walking.

By the way, the name of the guy with the cart is Simon Vickery and he really did such an experiment in real life. And at the same time he came up with a life hack on how to get rid of cars in his neighbourhood. 
But Simon has not yet figured out how to find 99 people willing to give their smartphones for a while, or how to make your Boss look at the navigator when you are being late. You can only improvise. Improvise and improvise once more

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