The problem of time subtraction and profit multiplication

Published: 2023-11-13

Large retailers used to solve this problem in different ways. First, using everyday life and business strategies, next using artificial intelligence. And we wonder what your solution will be. 

All retailers used to have the same amount of stores in the chain. All the stores used to have the same amount of goods and more or less the same laying out. Let’s assume that the number of customers at rush hours was also the same

Every retailer has a problem to solve – to make customers buy more and make the time they spend in stores less


Number of shares
Interest rates in loyalty programs
Number of achievements in the bonuses and incentives system
Budget for the development of gamification for the “friends club”
Number of product units
Number of outlets
Number of self-checkouts machines

Can you find a better solution?

Subtract everything that annoys and wastes time:

Shopping lists
Scales (except control scales)
Cash registers and self-checkout machines
Readers and queues


The entire area of the store into sectors and measure the distance between them
Take the knowledge of graphs from mathematics and make a simple store navigation system without forgetting to take the Bremerman limit into account


A simple on-board computer and put there the store navigation system
Assign a QR code to each product name and enter QR codes into the computer
Install a loyalty system
Make a beautiful design

Install the LLM model on the computer:

Train it to recognize QR codes on products without a reader
Teach it to recommend related products to those that are already in the basket
Train artificial intelligence to share new recipes of dishes 
Teach it to support and motivate buyers for each of their actions

Take the usual cart of the buyer and equip it with:

Scales An on-board computer with a navigation system, an alternative menu instead of a shopping list and an LLM model after it has been trained
A terminal for a final settlement without a cash register

So did the guys from the company

They removed everything that is unnecessary and made smart carts. They claim that such a solution to the purchasing problem will increase the profit by 18%. Can you find a better solution?

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